Long Time No Type

Amidst a summer of long hours and online shopping I have seriously neglected this project of which I was so fond.


Even so, it’s been a great summer; one of the best aspects has been getting to know our seasonal staff. This year we have four students that are here working in the States with a J1 visas. Elena and Alex are from Moldova, while Mancy and Ivy hail from Macau and Taiwan. They are four intelligent young women, who are taking a chance to see the world while working hard to earn money for their educations, futures and the extra bonuses in life.


A perk for me, is the culinary cultural exchange. They made me dinner, and it was delicious.


Form Eastern Europe we had stuffed cabbage rolls, inside was rice, onions, spices, and ground pork.


Ivy put together lovely pancakes.


 It’s best that Mancy stays away from all stoves.

I’m so proud of the courage these ladies have to go so far from home for a summer adventure. The hard work they’ve put into the Inn this summer deserves many American themed dinners and cakes.


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