Well Shit.

So, I haven’t posted in almost two months.


I would apologize, but these two months were filled with more than adequate excuses. I feel as though I have lived five years in five months. A serious kick in the ass from life.

So far, I’ve learned never to trust people who give compliments to eagerly, that grief and crisis can bring a family together, and how terribly empty you can feel when you lose the person who helped you construct your current self.


From finding a very recent Christmas gift I had given someone discarded in a bag marked for charity, to forming a bond of strength and respect with my uncles, these past two months have been heavy.

But, I obviously haven’t grown very much because I still have no problem being petty.


I have uprooted myself from France, and from lovely Vincent, to Cape Cod to help run the family’s Bed and Breakfast in its time of need.


Still, needing a hobby and a distraction I will return to posting on this blog as frequently as I can!!

By the way.. did anyone know that magnet sets of Scrabble are available for refrigerators?


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