Good Morning Jet Lag, How are you?

Yesterday I embarked on an impromptu journey back to the states for some family business.It turned out to be out 21 hours of travel time thanks to some nasty weather looming over Germany.

Yaay America! Yay, Massachusetts. I love this state.


I’ll be here for the next month, I’m staying on the cape, so expect some sea food experiments and more of a vegetarian theme. Or, pescetarian.. whatever.

The best thing so far was being able to order Chinese take out at 10:15 pm, and watching the Daily Show in real time. Oh, and central heating.

And hanging out with Bob. He’s 17 and deaf, he likes to spend his days walking around the house meowing obnoxiously at people to open doors for him.


He’s our slightly sinister Siamese slowly slipping into senility.



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