Jeezel Pete.

Oh good grief, I’m blogging.

I’m blogging about food. Well, food, wine, things that annoy me, the internet, dogs, cats, trolls..

I haven’t lived in Roanoke, Virginia for about two years but that did not stop me from reading every available menu on the Roanoke Restaurant Week page on  Spending about five years in an area you get quite familiar with the eatery scene, and what I loved most about Southwestern Virginia was the food.

But, there are new restaurants I’ve never even heard of – food that was not available while I was there! I’m jealous. I’m angry. I’m a brat.

Spending time reading menu’s of restaurants that I won’t ever go to consumes many of my hours.

Sometimes I am able to pull inspiration from them, I try to figure out recipes that include the ingredients in the descriptions.

Most of the time I look at them, salavate, and move on.

My friend Kim shares this pass time with me and we regularly exchange links to temples of deliciousness. She lives in Akron, Ohio, right south of Cleveland which is pretty much the food Mecca of Ohio. Before I visit her we put together a list of “must visits” that we never actually get to, defaulting to our usual cheeseburger haunts.

The menu share gives me great access to inspirational flavor combinations, but it just usually leaves me with a hunger pang for home.


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